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SPX Graphics for Zoom Enterprise enables a highly branded look & feel for your online meetings and webinars.

Brand your

online office.

With SPX Graphics for Zoom Enterprise solution, a Zoom Admin of the company can deploy graphic elements, such as seasonal themes or other content can be managed with the Admin Tools.

Additionally, solution features an easy-to-use app integrated within the Zoom Meeting client. The implementation does not require investment from the IT department nor is it an IT project.

Enhanced Zoom Experience

Animated graphics in Zoom

SPX Graphics for Zoom Enterprise is a solution designed for leading-edge companies seeking to visualize and manage their brand experience in Zoom meetings or webinars.


With this solution, a company can create an entirely new kind of Zoom experience and ensure that its brand presence stands out and adheres to brand guidelines.


Solution adds high quality lower thirds and other animated on-screen graphics that is customized to perfectly follow your brand identity guidelines, including logos, colors, shapes, typography and motion.


Branded Base Design

SPX Graphics for Zoom Enterprise solution comes with a branded Base Design for the most important overlays

  • Name, job title, company, location

  • Logo

  • Current time

  • News Headlines

  • Fullscreen message


Branded look and feel

Each graphic element shown as SPX Graphics in Zoom meetings can be designed to match your brand guidelines and this branded base design can then be deployed to all Zoom users in the organization.


Branded look & feel​

  • Integrated logos

  • Branded colors

  • Custom typography

  • Styles & shapes

  • Animations

  • Unique layouts


The overall look and feel can be changed with alternative Base Designs - one for the Red Team and one for the Blue Team.


You get the point.


Additional Layers

The true capabilities of the SPX Graphics for Zoom are unleashed with the Additional Layers, which allows you to display several graphics on screen at once. Some examples:

  • Meeting agenda with high-lighting

  • Image galleries

  • Text lists

  • Animated Emoji

Need something custom for your line of business? We can develop custom solutions for your business needs.


Custom made Graphics

Express yourself and your organization with the full color and personality it deserves by taking advantage of our Creative Services. We work with organizations to create 100% bespoke Zoom graphics and designs that greatly enhances their digital branding. 

Read more


SPX Graphics for Enterprise is the centrally managed Zoom branding solution for companies.

From small boutiques to large corporations.

SPX for Zoom
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Occasional SPX watermark
News ticker
Fullscreen message
Realtime clock
Color presets
Image and logo uploads
Custom colors
Virtual background control
Additional layers
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✅ 5
Branded Design(s)
Admin Tools
Site-wide license
Support contacts

Branded Designs
SPX Graphics for Zoom Enterprise includes professionally implemented bespoke graphics following your brand guidelines.

Admin Tools
Zoom Admin can deploy the SPX Graphics app and its different branding assets to departments and monitor usage dashboard.

The enterprise solution runs in an isolated environment dedicated to a single organization and the site-wide license covers all users within the organization

Need help? You got it.


SPX for Zoom announced in Zoomtopia 2022!

Zoom CEO Mr. Eric S. Yuan announced SPX Graphics for Zoom App during the opening keynote "Vision and Product". Read the press release

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